Domino Production is a production company created by Sergio Ghizzardi  focusing on documentaries. Our objective is to produce documentary films, reports and television programs that wake up of the viewers to the social realities – political, economic and/or cultural – of our contemporary times.  For us, it is essential to reach a broad audience in a positive manner by putting into perspective the work of those in charge of building our society.   Domino Production has during all these years coproduced or collaborated with various television in the world such as RTBF, VRT, ARTE, TV5, RTE, ERT, Star TV, YLE, SVT, ORF, RTP, Phoenix TV, LCP, EST TV, PBS Taiwan.  We have collaborated with institutions such as « Media programme », European Parliament, Belgian French speaking Film Fund (Centre du cinéma de la Communauté française de Belgique) and have benefited from Tax shelter.

Sergio Ghizzardi, the Producer/Director, is graduated from « L’Institut des Arts de diffusion » (Louvain-la-Neuve, 1988), and from Louvain-le-Neuve University (1992) of Social and economics policies. He started working as a TV editor and then as a TV Producer for the major commercial agencies such as Young & Rubicam, Grey, Lintas, Leo Burnett. He was awarded for the Best commercial campaign of the year « KA2 » and the best « Movie spot of the year » « Daim » in 1995. He has directed in 2010 “Copenhagen, the Climate War” (RTBF, Public sénat) in 2008 the feature length documentary « 180 days to convince » (ARTE France, RTBF, VRT, Star TV), « How did we become Americans »  (ARTE GEIE, RTBF), in March 2007, « The most diffcult job in the world ». (ARTE France, RTBF, VRT, SVT, YLE, RTE, ERT, EST TV, Phoenix TV, ORF, PTS Taiwan) and in 2005 “Convention” (RTBF, VRT, RTE, YLE, TV5, Image plus) …



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  • Artic new shipping routes : the Nord-East passage

    Artic new shipping routes : the Nord-East passage


    It won the Czech TV Coproduction Award at the East Doc platform 2020.