Green Gold

Directed by Sergio Ghizzardi


During these last twelve months, Japan was victim of a earthquake followed by a tsunami and a major nuclear catastrophy. In the Gulf of Mexico, an Oil spill flowed during three months. It is the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry. The civil war in Lybia threats the oil prices on the world market. Every day the planet Earth gets warmer. Energy and Climate crisis became incontrovertible and indivisible realities that generate catastrophies.

We need to change our model of society and find alternatives. The stakes are enormous. On the starting blocks in this race for new energies are all the adventurers of modern times. Their motto: “Replace black gold with green gold!”. They are ready to be the XXIst Century Rockefellers by discovering the New Energy. A frantic technological race is underway, which should allow the emergence of this  industry.

There was a time when being in favour of biofuels was considered to be an ecological position, because “bioenergy” was supposed to provide a solution for the drawbacks and scarcity of fossil energy. Biofuels seem to be the ideal solution. But times have changed. Environmentalists dread this green revolution. They consider that the results obtained are weak in relation to the environmental risks. If we take into account indirect land use caused by bio/agrofuels and  the new agriculture area hunting that it generates, their efficiencies become more than doubtful. On the other hand, the oil and food processing industries fear the arrival of this new actor, synonymous with competition and the lowering of profits.

In September 2011, European Commission will have to propose a “law”, a directive that will determine the sustainable criteria for the biofuels production. It is a key moment for the biofuel industry because the European Union is the biggest market for biofuels. Are biofuels really a solution? If so, on what terms? What’s the social and environmental price to pay in order to produce it?  What are the prices to pay in order to keep our model of society alive? Is our economy model compatible with a fair and sustainable development?

« Green Gold » will tell you the effects of the emerging biomass market. A story of a frantic race with a serie of prominent actors : Politicians, political activist, Oil company manager, scientists, Energy and commodity gurus. Theay are all competing. The emerging of this new industry that grows every year has an effect on almost all the citizens of the Planet, everywhere in the world. Our society model is in danger. 

This is a crucial issue if we are to safeguard our model of society and the reproduction of life on earth and ensure the survival of humankind.

The GREEN TRAP is an investigative documentary that will plunge us, without taboos, into this new world of biofuels, exploring their history and revealing the scientific, political, economic, social and environmental consequences. Much is at stake in the race for Green Gold.



GREEN GOLD-L'OR VERT TRAILER/B-A from sergio ghizzardi on Vimeo.


Sergio Ghizzardi


With the support of Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel Wallonie-Bruxelles et des Télédistributeurs wallons, VAF,
In collaboration with WIP and STAR TV


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